Winnersgoldenbet is an online sports betting bookie that is based in Nigeria and specially tailored to meet the Nigerian audience`s needs. The page offers sports betting and virtual sports betting in football, horse and dog racing.

Winners Golden Bet is a licensed and regulated bookmaker, so you can be 100% sure that your money is safe here. The bookies, usually don`t have any reason to cheat their customers, because they make money from them and if they cheat a single client, the rumor will spread across Nigerian bettors fast and all the customers will leave the bookie, so eventually it will blow up. However, winners is fully licensed and officially registered, so there is no such a risk for it.


At winnersgoldenbet website, you can bet on different football things like the final winner, Handciap bets (virtual privilege to one of the teams), final outcome of each half time, goal numbers, corner number, correct result, the first goal time and many others.

Besides football, Golden Bet can offer you many other type of sports bets. If you are a fan of basketball, tennis, ice hockey, handball, volleyball, baseball, golf, rugby, motor sports, winter sports or boxing, this is your place!

To place bets you need to at first make a registration and a deposit, of course. The registration starts with Sign up button pressing – it is on the right side of your screen. Then, just follow the website instructions.

Once you have a registration, you can make your first deposit via credit or debit card: Visa or Mastercard. And when you decide to withdrawal your money, you can do it the same way, via the same payment methods.

If you have any problems with the registration, deposits or further activity on the page, you can always contact winners golden customer support team at or via the Skype number you will find on the page.

You need to know that the minimum winners golden deposit amount is N500. Meanwhile, the minimum bet here is N50 (only for online bets). If you do it in any of the national Nigerian company offices, you will have to bet at least M100. The maximum bet is N2 000. The maximum withdrawal amount is N500 000 and the maximum win is 10 million of Nigerian nayras.

Golden Bet bettors can place bets everywhere and non-stop thanks to the mobile service the company provides. The winnersgoldenbet mobile service is suitable to all smartphones with internet access and it helps you place bets, see the betting history and all of your transactions, as well as the odds, plus – to make live bets. Bets can be also placed in some of the Nigerian retail stores in the country.

If you are willing to enter the sports betting magic that has challenged millions of sports fans across the whole globe, winners goldenbet is definitely one of the best places for people from Nigeria. It is a reputable name in sports betting marker and it has excellent reputation and very good feedback from customers.