Bet9ja Affiliate Program

Bet9ja is one of the most preferred bookmakers among the Nigerian punters and this makes it an excellent choice for you in case you want to get involved in the affiliate program of any sport betting website from the industry today.

bet9ja affiliate program

Another reason this Nigerian operator should be recommended by us when it comes to its affiliate program is the fact that it offers quite profitable clauses when working in collaboration together. If accepting its terms and conditions you will get 20% of the net (pure) lost every registered customer through you has. Your so called commission is going to be paid on a monthly basis and you decide on your own what payment method to establish for this purpose. Bet9ja works with three types of payment methods in its affiliate program:

  • Neteller and Skrill – online payment systems
  • Bank wire transfer

What is required from you? You are required to have one or more internet pages where to place advertising banners of the betting company. The banners, themselves, are provided by bookie so you don’t have to deal with any design job to create them, but only to upload them.

Every time, when a customer with no registration in this betting platform click on any of your banners and then, makes a registration in this platform, he or she will get forever connected with your affiliate program profile, so you can get the commission of her or his losses till the end of your life. We remind you that the commission is quite great – 20% of the net loss.
There is no matter if you attracted 1 or 1 000 punters – you will monthly get the commissions of their losses and the only limit here is the maximum amount for the international affiliate payment, which is 500 USD.

Yet, there are no limits for the potential partners and everyone can actually become such as long as his or her website doesn’t fall in any list with banned categories. Such categories, for instance, are pages with sexual content, violation, discrimination materials or such with violated intellectual property, as well as the category with those pages where illegal activity is promoted.

bet9ja affiliate program step by step

There is a specially tailored page for the affiliate program in the page. This is the page you need to enter in order to register yourself as Bet9ja partner. The page has the following online address: while the registration process starts from Sign Up button (you can see it in the main menu of the top side in Affiliate program page). The registration, itself, includes four steps and in the first two steps you need to provide information for your account, as well as some personal data, while in the third page you will have to select the way you want to receive your money from the monthly commissions. Last, but not least, the fourth page requires from you to provide information about your website, as well as its content and policy.

The affiliate program this betting operator offers is the best and the most certain way for you to win money from sport betting as the risk is zero here and you cannot lose even a coin. You can only win actually. If your website has a lot of visitors or / and is on sport theme, then, the chance to have a lot of affiliated customers, as well as big profits, is quite big.