1xBet Registration – How to open account


The East-European bookmaker 1xBet allows customers from almost all over the world to make a registration in its website. Fortunately, Nigeria is one of those many countries, whose citizens can register in this bookie and take the benefits of this more than just a rich portfolio of gambling services we have already told you about in our main 1xBet menu, as well as in the rest of the extra articles devoted to this betting page.

1xbet registration

While in the rest of our articles you can read what you can do once you make a registration, here we will pay some serious attention on the topic about this registration, as well as how to register at all. As you will ensure in the end of this article, registration here is a process that is neither difficult, nor long-lasting. This refers to each of the different available options for a registration and the bookmaker offers 4 ways in total for you to register here. We are going to tell you in details about each of these four methods to become 1xBet’s customer.

How to register for 1xbet?

In order to choose one of the 4 available methods for the purpose you need to click on the Registration button. This button is a white text on green background that can be easily seen in the top right side of your computer or mobile phone screen.
In the page that will open for you 4 buttons with the 4 available registration methods will appear:

  • One-Click
  • By Phone Number
  • By e-mail
  • Social networks and messangers

Click on the method that seems the most convenient for you and follow the instructions you are about to read in the following lines:

1xBet account verification

1xBet Registration with method 1: One-click

1xbet one-click registration

The most used registration method by the customers of this betting operator is the one-click registration method. As you can guess by the name, here a new account can be opened literally for few seconds only.

Ok, it is not literally one single click, but to be exact – three clicks in total – but in this case you only need to select the country you are from, as well as the currency you will bet with. If you are in Nigeria, the betting house’s software will automatically fill in these fields for you with Nigeria and Nigerian Naira.

If this is the correct data you only need to press the green button Register and you will instantly login your profile.

1xbet successful registration

If you wonder how to login later as you have not entered either a user name, or a password, do not worry – the betting operator has thought about this, too. After clicking this Register button you will see Account Number and Password on your screen. Use this data to login next time you enter to bet. As the account number and the password are random numbers and letters, they are hard to be learnt by heart, so the betting company is going to provide you three options to type in the login data:

  • Sending it to your e-mail
  • Saving it on your smartphone or computer as text file
  • Saving it on your smartphone or computer as screenshot (or in .png file)

Registration with method 2 – By Phone Number

1xbet phone registration

The second method is very similar to the first one, but has two main differences:

  • Instead of the country, you will have to enter your telephone number (the code number will make it clear what country you are in, when you add your Nigerian code, for instance, which is +234)
  • After pressing on the Register button, you are not going to be logged in automatically, but instead, you will at first receive a message on your phone where the password the account number are going to be sent in order you can use them to login.

Registration with method 3 – By e-mail

1xbet e-mail registration

This is the longest and the most detailed method where you provide your personal data information, including personal data such as names, city and country, account data like e-mail, password and telephone number.

After filling this data and then, pressing on the Register button, the next step is to login your e-mail box and find a letter from the betting house where you will receive valuable information about 1xBet, as well as a link to activate your account.

Registration with method 4 – Social networks and messengers

1xbet social network registration

1xBet is the only bookie where punters can skip the registering step or at least the registration in the traditional meaning as here they can use their profiles in some of the social webs like Facebook or Tweeter, for example.

Almost all of you, probably, have a such a profile, so this is a very convenient opportunity which will not only save you some time for the registration, but will also save you time when you have to login each time to enter the bookie’s system as in this method you are not going to be required to enter your e-mail address / account number and password later, but you will only have to press on the icon with the social web you have used to register in 1xBet.