How to win Nairabet virtual games?

The chance to place bets on virtual sports – or in other words, sport games that are created via computer software – provides an entire row of options and possibilities in the betting industry and all the customers in this market. This innovation provides the bookmakers one more way to generate a large turnover, while the benefit for the users is that they get one more chance to have fun, a chance that is available 24/7 and 365 days per year. In short, this alternative for gambling also advances quite faster from the sport betting activity as here the duration of a certain event is about 10-20 shorter than the duration of a regular analogue event from the real life. For instance, if a football match from the real world lasts 90 minutes + 15 minutes for the pause between the two half times, in virtual sports such a football match will end not later than within 3-4 minutes after the first judge’s signal.

NairaBet participates in this virtual sport betting breakthrough by offering to its audience each virtual game from Betaradar Company’s portfolio. This is the company whose virtual sports are the most popular ones on the market today (speaking of which, Betradar statistics is also the top popular one in the betting industry, by the way). This is significant enough to choose these virtual sports even though there is no way for us to tell you that they are the most quality ones on the market as the reason why so many bookies select to work with this company in their virtual sport service also hides in the correct attitude Betradar shows to each of its partners. Plus – Bet radar is well-known for its profitable services and conditions offered to the bookies. Yet, we are not here to talk about these business details, but to tell you about the things that you are mostly interested in when it comes to your personal virtual sport betting experience, specifically in this gambling platform.

Nairabet virtual sports

The virtual sports in the betting house are 5 in total and these are the sport types that generally bring the bigger turnover in the betting category with real sport events. We are talking about the following sport disciplines:

  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Horse racing
  • Dog racing

It is a curious fact that there are two types of virtual football – one football league, as well as European Cup tournament. In this way, the total number of the virtual games becomes 6.

How to place a bet on a virtual sport in NairaBet?

Placing bets on virtual sports is in general similar to placing bets on real sport types. The process is totally the same – you select the type of the bet from the list with the available markets, then, you add it to your bet slip and when you finish your betting activity you simply wait for your prediction to be correct.

Like in sport betting with real events, here with the virtual sports you have a choice from dozens of different and interesting markets.

Nairabet virtual sports placing bet

The main difference, though, between the two types of betting activity is that in virtual sport service mostly you rely on your luck, but not on your sport knowledge or gambling skills. In sport betting on real events we count on our analysis based on the team shape, each of the best players’ game and etc. In virtual sports, though, you don’t actually need such analysis as you count on your personal luck here, as well as on your intuition.