1xBet Virtual Sports and Football Betting


Bets on virtual sports, which often are presented as the future of sport betting at all, are highly advanced in the Russian bookmaker, 1xBet.

Let’s start with some information as to what the virtual sports and virtual sport betting are…Virtual bets are computer-stimulated matches that are powered by the so called “match engine” which decides what exactly is going to happen on the field. From the point view of the customers, the virtual sports are similar to the computer games where, though, you are not the one who manages the teams as the match engine does it. The customers only need to follow the game and enjoy the drama on the field. And now we get to the most interesting part: the virtual sport betting activity…

In many betting houses, among which one of them is obviously 1xBet, we can place a bet on virtual sports and win real money from it. Of course, this type of a bet is made for fun and it is tough to make profits in a long term from them as you cannot always guess what the computer will decide as to the progress of the game, but this fact does not make the virtual sports less entertaining.

What virtual sport bets you can place in 1xBet is what you are about to find out in this article.

Virtual bets in Live category

The curious thing here is that the betting house has added a big part of its virtual sports in the live betting category about which we have already told you a lot in our article 1xBet Live betting. We would also like to mention that here are the most high quality virtual sports. Indeed, the quality isn’t that low in the rest of categories with such virtual sports, but here, for instance, you will find the top quality presentation of the football game FIFA 18.

1xbet virtual Fifa game

Speaking of which, FIFA 18 is the most popular virtual sport in 1xBet and you can bet on both: matches from FIFA 18 and those from FIFA 19. These games are distinguished not only by its high quality, but also with higher odds, as well as with the big number of available markets (more than 100 markets per match) in comparison to the games from Virtual Sports category you are going to read below.

The big difference is that matches in the virtual sports form Live category last nearly 15-20 minutes while in Virtual Sports they last about 2-3 minutes. Such a thing can be determined as a strong point, but also as a weak one, too, depending on what a punter wants: to watch a longer match, whether to watch it at all, as well as what kind of bet he or she has placed.

In Live category we see other virtual sports such as games like Pro Evolution Gaming, billiard, Laser League, Mutant League, Mortal Kombat, Counter Strike, Cal of Duty, Angry Birds, rally, rugby, American football, golf, baseball, Formula 1, table tennis, tennis, ice hockey, basketball, wrestling, cricket, handball, MMA and others.

1xbet virtual sports category

In a certain part of these games the computer isn’t the one that manages the teams / contestants – as a matter of fact in some of these games you watch the match live and in these matches real professional teams in digital sports play against each other for the final win. This makes the betting activity even more interesting, because, when we know that the competition isn’t handled by indifferent computer, but by real people looking for a win, the excitement is bigger.

Virtual Sports Category

In this category you will find virtual sports provided by 4 developers:

  • Global Bet – Football, football league, horse and hounds racing, speedway and camels.
  • Golden Race – Horses, hounds, speedway, motorcycling, football league.
  • Leap Virtual Gaming – 20 games in total most of which are in football theme and imitating European championships, The World Football Championships, Liga Europa, The Championship League and fortunately, to us the Cup of The African Nations.
  • Digital Sport Tech – From this button in the category you can make different individual bets on football players and their performances in the upcoming big matches.

1xbet virtual sports

Virtual sports from mobile devices

We will end up this review with mentioning that all of the different and intriguing games you have already read about up to now are available for playing via mobile devices, too (as well as through both of the options: the mobile browser version and the apps we have talked about in our article 1xBet Mobile).