Live betting on Nairabet

You often watch a match thinking about the fact that one of the teams plays between and there is no way for it not to win? The NairaBet Live betting service gives you the chance to make money in such situations and from your true passion to sport.

Open the In-Play category from the main menu in the page and you will see a list with all of the events that take place right now, both – from football and from the rest of the available sports in the bookie:

  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Tennis
  • Ice hockey
  • Handball
  • Baseball

What makes us a really huge impression is the big variety of basketball and volleyball matches. In this bookmaker you can place bets on several times more events from these sport disciplines than in any other bookmaker even when it comes to some of the biggest bookmakers from the entire globe. At the expense of this, though, the tennis matches are quite few and if it is not a match from any of the biggest tournaments, and it is almost impossible to find it in this betting platform program.

Of course, football remains the top sport type and we see at least 100 matches from this discipline in the live program of this bookie. We also need to mark, though, that yet the number of the football events is lower than the one in the rest of the places in internet where you can place football bets. It means you will not be able to find football events from the lower divisions, but it definitely doesn’t mean that you are not going to get the chance to place bets on the biggest football matches as none of them misses here.

Nairabet in-play

Yet, the total number of the sport events in this program is always over 200 per day and during the weekends this number reaches even up to 500.

There are a lot of options in the Live betting category this gambling page offers to the audience. We can, for instance, bet on the following things: within what period of time the next goal will be scored or who the next goal scorer will be. These are only two of more than 50 markets in total you are provided with for all of the matches from the biggest tournaments and leagues.

We are not deprived of detailed information about the teams that we cannot watch in real time, either. For the leading events you can follow the detailed statistics with up to 10 indexes thanks to which you will get a clearer idea what exactly is going on the field without even watching the game.

We can find out what happens in each moment of the playing time with the interactive animations for most of the events from the In-Play category of the page, too. These animations gives us a clear idea what happens on the field, too – the ball possession %, in which part of the field the specific action takes place, whether there is a touch, a corner, out, off-side, attempt or a score.

For a small number of the events the betting website also provides a direct TV view of the sport event, but the % of the events with this option is so small that makes us recommend you not to accept this bookie as a place where you can watch your favourite games. It is not a sport TV, after all, but a sport betting platform.

As a whole, the live betting category this company has established can freely get 9 from 10 as a grade. Indeed, the system is not perfect, but it is on a high enough level and definitely on a higher level than the level most Nigerian bookies support. And basketball and volleyball lovers can obviously give the page even the highest grade.