1xBet Cash Out


Closing pending bets is one of the many extras provided by 1xBet and today, we are going to talk about this option in this article.

The option plays a significant role in your financial protection in case you have made a wrong decision. It is because every time when you have a feeling for a bet you have already placed to be a potential losing one or not as profitable as you thought it would be before placing it, you can actually close this bet and forget about it. The option is also helpful in those cases when you have placed a good bet and it has been progressing very well up to this moment, but you simply don’t want to risk and wait until the last minute of the event to see if it will be really profitable for you. In this case, you can guarantee yourself a profit by closing your bet when it is still a winning one for you. Also, users often use the cash out function when the money of the bet is frozen and they need this money to place another bet even though in this betting platform using the function might not be so necessary because you can use other function, instead. We are talking about the Advancebet function which allows customers to place bets even when they are left with 0.00 NGN in their account balances.

1xbet cash out

In short, the Cashout function can be used by all customers for (almost) all of the markets and by clicking one single button only it puts an end for the bet while you can get the profit earned up to this particular moment.

The option is available for both: single and multiple bets, but yet, we have to warn you that for one small percentage of the events from 1xBet program there is no way for you to close your bet. Unfortunately, there is also no way to be aware in advance if the option is excluded for certain event – we need to place the bet at first and then, we will know if the cash out option is available for this match. You can do so by entering the page with the betting history in order to check out whether there is cash out button for a particular event.

The cash out option cannot be applied to those events from the program that are the least popular, so, yet, when you place a bet on a match from a serious championship you can be confident that this extra is applicable.

The closing of the bet, itself, is possible by clicking on the button that sells your bet slip. You can find the button in the betting history page and here is where you can also select to close the whole bet or a certain part of it. Yes, there is an option to cash out only half of your bet. To explain you what this means we are going to present you one simple example:

You have placed a bet at an amount of 30 NGN with an odd of 3.00 and currently 1xBet offers the option to close this bet and get 60 NGN. From the slider you can select to close a smaller amount, for instance, 10 NGN, which is one third of your whole bet. In this case, you will get this one third of the offered Cash out amount or 20 NGN. The rest of your bet will continue being active and its fortune will become clear depending on the final outcome of the event, except, if you, naturally, do not decide to close the rest of your bet, too.

The function to close a bet (or sell it, as 1xBet also determines it) in the betting company is without any catches or requirements to the customers. By pressing on the button that sells your bet or a certain part of it, you automatically receive your money and can do whatever you want with it, including asking the bookie to withdrawal it.