22Bet Lotto Games


22bet also offers a wide selection of lottery games that cover some of the most popular formats in the industry. Lottery games are run continuously, operating 24/7 through live draws of the usual numbered balls. This guarantees a dynamic and ongoing gaming experience, with winning opportunities being available at all times.

Furthermore, the games are hosted by livestreaming studios, each offering unique and distinct lotteries. This good organization on the website allows players to easily navigate and choose games based on their preferences, including game type and stake amount.

The draws are conducted using drum machines that automatically read the drawn balls using OCR technology, efficiently sorting the balls and preparing them for the next draw. This automated process ensures fairness and transparency in the game results.

Various betting options are available, including single or system bets, quick pick options, saved combinations, and the ability to rebet on previous choices. Additionally, Nigerians have the option to bet on side games and subscribe to multiple consecutive draws.

Lotto And Keno Games & Game Facts

Among the studios available is Studio 1, which uses a 48-ball drum for games like Win 5/48 and Lucky Six, 35/48, each with its own set of rules and betting options. In Win 5/48, players can choose up to 15 numbers with the goal of matching the first 5 balls drawn. Lucky Six, on the other hand, involves drawing the first 35 out of 48 balls, with wins based on the number of guessed numbers and the order in which they are drawn.

The platform also offers an Extra Win/Jackpot game as part of the Lucky Six offering, where players automatically participate and can win if they guess the last six numbers drawn. The Jackpot amount is progressively increased with each bet placed across the network.

Studio 2 on the other hand features a 20-ball drum, including games like Win 5/20 and Win 10/20, each with their own betting options and side games. In these games, players choose numbers with the goal of matching the first set of drawn balls, with system tickets allowing for a broader range of number selections.

Moving on, Studio 3 uses a 37-ball drum for its Win 1/37 game, offering various betting options such as color of the drawn ball, number ranges, and direct number betting. Studio 4, with an 80-ball drum, includes Keno variations like Keno 5/80, Keno 10/80, and Keno 20/80, where players choose numbers and win based on the amount of matched numbers.

Each game has its own Return to Player percentage displayed, ensuring a fair gaming experience. The RTP varies based on the game type and betting options, providing players with a transparent understanding of their winning potential.