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These days, the chance to place bets online from a computer isn’t enough for a bookie if determining itself as a modern one. All of the most significant pages from the industry allow online game and experience from a mobile device like a smartphone or a tablet, too, and gambling operators like NairaBet apk even provides you two opportunities for this purpose (download nairabet app). For each of these alternatives we are going to tell you more in this article.

nairabet mobile versions

Full mobile version

When you enter NairaBet mobile website version for a first time, the system will let you choose between three versions and one of them is the Full Version. This is the mobile version we actually strongly recommend you as it is the completest. Of course, to use this version you must own a comparatively new mobile device and fine internet connection.

Not only the most function, but also the most beautiful is the full mobile version as here the images, the icons or the graphics are not removed.

Like the desktop version, this mobile version includes one main menu with links to sport betting, live betting, virtual sports and the casino games this betting house offers.

nairabet mobile full version

The only thing that is missing in the full mobile version is a small part of the available virtual sports in the desktop version. In the desktop version there are 6 virtual sports, but in the mobile version you will find only virtual football.

Excluding this, the full mobile version gives you everything you need. It is made similarly to the mobile versions owned by the biggest bookies in the world so you can expect, indeed, a real pleasure when using it.

Nairabet Lite app version

The Lite version is the second chance you have when it comes to mobile betting via this platform. It is recommended for older devices or in the cases when you don’t have good internet connection and the loading of the images or the graphics would be quite slow.

In this version, once again, you will not miss anything as to the control over your account, as well as to the sport betting activity. Here you can place bets on all of the matches, too, including in real time, plus – to participate in the Jackpot game this gambling house offers. You will have an access to all of the instruments for your account, including deposits, withdrawals, transfers from one to another customer, transaction history, sport betting history, all of the settings and etc, too.

nairabet mobile lite version

The main weak point of the Lite version is the fact that here the casino games and the virtual sports are not available. The bookie accepts that if your device has no potential to use the full mobile version, it will not be able to work properly when you open the virtual sports or the interactive casino games.

Desktop version

Alongside with the Full and the Lite version, there is also an option to load the desktop version of the page via your mobile device.

This is an alternative that, by all means, we do not recommend for those users who own devices with small screens, but if owning a tablet or a larger smartphone the usage of this version is possible especially if you are used to the website computer version and you don’t want to switch to a different version.

Yet, this is not the best option and it is logical that most of the biggest worldwide operators don’t even offer it. The desktop version is made especially for computers and laptops, so it is clearly that it is not optimized perfectly either for smartphones, or for tablets. The case with the mobile version is just the opposite – they are developer in a way to be convenient for mobile devices.

If you are, though, virtual sports lover you might switch to the desktop version if you want to play virtual tennis, basketball, hounds and horse racing as these are the virtual sports that miss in the Lite and the Full mobile versions.

nairabet mobile desktop version

Regardless which of the three versions you will choose, there is one thing for sure – you will always have at your disposal the company’s services only a click away. The only thing that the company should think about adding to make its mobile betting platform on a world level, is an application allowing to play the games even without opening the mobile browser from the mobile device. But even without the app available we just cannot be unsatisfied for the mobile service NairaBet offers.