Betway Affiliates

You want to become a part of the betting industry, but you are neither rich enough in order to create your own bookmaker, nor skilful and educated enough in sport world to win money from successful predictions? Yet, you can become a part of the big bookie industry by becoming an affiliate partner to an of the betting houses these days and one of these betting houses with the most profitable conditions in its affiliate programs is the British gambling page Betway. Plus – it has a Nigerian version of its website, as well as such for other serious markets in our continent like Kenya, South Africa, Uganda and Ghana.

What’s required to join in Betway affiliates?

It is necessary only one single thing and it is to own a company and a website. If you don’t have a website it is never to create one, which these days, is neither tough, nor expensive.

The gambling operator works only with websites that operate in the sphere online advertising so you should give up the affiliate program idea now, if till this moment you have thought that you only need to recommend the bookmaker to friends in order to win commission payments from them.

The only allowed method for online advertising in Betway is via banners and other marketing tools your website can include.

How betway affiliate works

There is a specially tailored website for the affiliate partners to this bookie from Nigeria who are from African countries. We are talking about this website: Here is where you can register in the affiliate program. The registration starts with Join Here button and includes filling in data for your company – company’s name, the name of the website, personal information about the affiliate partner and others.

What will I win as an affiliate partner to Betway?

You will win from the punters you bring to Betway platform and then, you will once again win from company’s incomes from these punters. A part of this money are sent to you as an affiliate partner as gratitude for bringing these punters to Betway.

Once you register, the bookmaker is going to provide you more information about your commission and know that it increases with time. Alongside with this important information the betting house will provide you various advertising materials to promote it in your own website.

Betway affiliate steps

If you have any additional questions as to Betway affiliate program, take a look at the website and contact the team via these e-mail addresses:

Support –
Programme Manager –

In all cases, we strongly recommend you to reach the bookie’s employees as they can provide you with an individual offer or many offers that can be suitable for your personal possibilities for advertising, as well as to send you unique advertising materials and help you with the analysis of your advertising campaigns.