NairaBet Registration (sign up) Form

Creating an account in NairaBet provides you an access to thousands of different sport markets, dozens of casino games and virtual sports, a lot of bonuses and all of the rest functions available in this modern Nigerian bookmaker. If you are interested in sport betting or / and gambling games we strongly recommend you to register exactly here and in this article we are going to tell you all of the details and important things you need to know about the registration process, itself. Do not only forget that you have to be of a legal age to become a customer in this or in any other bookie in general. Otherwise, your account will be closed.

So, to register from your smartphone, in the mobile version of the page you need to find the green button Register placed on the home page. To make a registration from the desktop version click on the white text Register that can be found in the top right side of the website, right under the field that is placed for entering the user name to those, who already have an account.
Once you do these things, on your device screen the so called Open Account page will appear. Here, you will have to fill in the following required fields:

  • User name to be recognized in the betting house with
  • Password that is supposed to be known only by you and that serves as a guarantee that only you will enter your personal account.
  • Your nationality
  • Your country – This field is fixed on Nigeria and you cannot change it as the page works only with customers, who live in our country.
  • Currency – This field cannot be changed, either, as the bets in this page can be placed only in our national currency, which as you know is NGN.
  • Your mobile telephone number
  • Your e-mail address

Nairabet registration

That’s all! What you need to do at last is to press on Proceed button and then, expect to see a new page greeting you with the complete registration process on your screen. From this same page you get the chance to make a deposit, but in this article we are not going to talk about it as deposits are fully explained in NairaBet Deposits and withdrawals.

In the same page you will also a button Update Your Details. As you will read here this is the place where you will have to provide more personal data and then, you will get the chance to make withdrawals from this gambling website. Yet, using the functions and the options in the platform, including the sport betting, does not require this personal data to be filled in. The only thing you cannot do without them, though, is to request withdrawals from the betting house so sooner or later you will have to enter this personal data, no doubt. It includes only your three names, birth date, sex and address and typing them will not take you more than a minute.

As you might have already got confident about, there is nothing scary or difficult in the registration process within this gambling platform. You only need to spend several minutes and to fill in a dozen of fields to get your own personal account. One of the working principles the betting company relies on is to make everything as simple as possible for the audience. Register right away and you will be really satisfied with a bunch of profitable bonuses the bookie offers, but we are going to tell you more about them in other article called NairaBet Bonuses.

Call to register

If at some point or case the online registration seems difficult for you, there is one more option ahead of you to register in the platform. You need to give a call to the company’s customer support team and the representatives will make the registration instead, but for you.

NairaBet is the only bookie with such an option!

When you dial any of the betting house’s phone numbers (you can see them in NairaBet Information) the company’s customer support representatives will require from you to provide them the same data you are required to provide if choosing the online registration process with the only exception – your password. You will choose your password the moment you login in your account for the first time.