MelBet Bingo Games

Among the many things MelBet got right is its online bingo experience. The venue is slowly becoming a notable hub in Nigeria for Bingo and Keno enthusiasts, offering a diverse range of options that are sure to appeal to a wide range of players. With a selection of RNG and live gaming options, the platform ensures diversity and more importantly, a fair and engaging gaming experience for local players. Furthermore, the operator partners with reputable studios like MGA, Eurasian Gaming, and Zitro, guaranteeing quality across both verticals. In case you want to know more about the most popular options available here or need some details about how games work, this quick-start guide is all you need.

Atmosfera’s Keno Hall

Atmosfera’s Keno game offers Nigerian players a polished RNG gaming experience, featuring real-time draws and exciting gameplay. With 80 numbered balls ranging from 1 to 80, players can select up to 10 numbers per ticket manually or opt for automatic random selection.

The aim is simple: match as many numbers on your ticket to those drawn to increase your winning amount. Payouts are determined by the number of matching numbers on the ticket and the chosen nominal value. With a Return to Player (RTP) percentage ranging from 94.35% to 95.85%, Atmosfera’s Keno game promises rewarding gaming sessions. In terms of the interface, there are various modules for ticket purchase, number selection, value selection, and viewing potential payouts.


MGA is a known name in the industry, offering over 20 of its rather casual and amusing bingo games in Melbet. Among the better-known titles available to Nigerians is Carnival Bingo. It stands out with its colorful theme, creating an easy-going gaming experience. The game is now even more accessible thanks to recent technological improvements, ensuring seamless gameplay across different markets worldwide, including in Nigeria. Furthermore, it features MGA’s renowned bonus mini-games, adding an extra layer of sophistication to the gaming sessions. Another popular title is Roma Bingo, which has returned with upgraded HTML technology. With its user-friendly interface and multiple winning opportunities, it provides players with a classic 30-ball bingo experience with a few special touches to one up the experience.

LiveG24 Live Bingo

At LiveG24’s live lobby, Nigerians can access various bingo rooms and purchase cards, with a maximum allowance of 180 cards per player. Each card presents a unique arrangement of numbered boxes, ensuring diverse gameplay. The drawing phase commences with the automatic selection of numbered balls, up to a maximum of 90 balls.

Unlike traditional bingo settings, the system highlights drawn numbers on players’ cards for ease of tracking. Prizes, including line, two lines, and bingo, are awarded based on the room’s rules. LiveG24 also offers progressive jackpots, such as fixed draw progressives and progressive incremental draws, adding excitement and potential for substantial winnings. With an RTP of 70% and jackpots funded by 12% of card purchases, LiveG24’s live bingo stands out among the bingo options MelBet has to offer to Nigerian players.

Other Bingo Games

In addition to what we have covered so far, MelBet also hosts an extensive selection from other reputable studios like Eurasian Gaming, Zitro, and Salsa Technology. The games come in all popular bingo formats but with unique themes and small twists to the gameplay experience.

From Eurasian Gaming, players can enjoy titles like Crypto Mania Bingo, Neptune Bingo, and Burning Pearl Bingo, which are by far their best ones and are highly recommended especially for more casual players. Zitro on the other hand contributes with top games such as Bingo 3000, Bingo Cup, and Rabbit Mania, known for their bonus games. Lastly, Salsa Technology presents Nigerians with innovative titles like ShowBall Plus, Gol Bingo, and Candy Bingo 3D, each incorporating immersive visuals without deviating too much from the classic gingo experience.