Betway Mobile Apk

A lot of bookmakers these day offer various apps for iPhones and Android smartphones, but not all of them are qualitative and reliable enough as to development, which is a very important fact when it is about playing a game with real money. We can, though, say, that the development team in Betway has done an excellent job regarding this manner which is why we believe that this bookmaker is a great place for our customers and their bets.

Betway Nigeria offers platforms for mobile betting of a highest quality and they are available 24/7 offering access to all of the services from the betting company’s portfolio.

Betway mobile version

The variety of different platforms for mobile betting the bookie that was established back in 2006 year, starts with a specially tailored browser version for Nigeria where you can find a lot of similarities in comparison to the desktop version (if you have ever used it you can make such a comparison even now), but the most important thing is that the differences are only in the ways the services are presented and viewed – the services, themselves, remain the same or in other words if a punter uses the computer version and another one – the version for smartphones – both of them are going to receive the same customer experience.

betway mobile version

We need to mention the development team’s diligence as to lack of so many significant differences between the website computer and the mobile page versions. They are, indeed, quite a few! The bookie has only changed the things that are impossible to be shown at a full value on a mobile screen or the way the can be shown on a computer screen.

For instance, when you view the list of the matches, the entire middle part of the mobile device screen is covered by the program with the events and the odds, while in the computer version aside you can see different banners and menus. Also, the bet slip does not always remain on the screen, which is typical for the full web version, and you need to click on Betslip in the top right side of your mobile screen in order to check it out in details. At the bottom of the betslip there is also a button called Close and you can press it to close the betslip and go back to the page you viewed before.

This adapted to the possibilities the mobile devices have, version is easy to be opened with no issues regardless the browser type, including those browsers that are integrated in the devices. Besides from any type of a browser, it is accessible via any model of a smartphone or tablet.

Betway app

Alongside with the mobile browse version, as a punter in Betway you also have at your disposal a fantastic possibility to download on your mobile device a specially tailored app from which you can place bets and use all the betting operator’s gambling services the same way you do via a desktop device.

The apps are available for downloading from the bookie’s mobile version and the link, though, is a bit hard to be found for many users from Nigeria, and sometimes, they don’t even know that the gambling company has such apps.

betway apps

Yet, if you follow these steps you can easily find the applications and take the benefits of them:

  • 1. Enter Betway website from your mobile device browser
  • 2. Press on the Menu button located in your left side
  • 3. Press on Info
  • 4. Find Betway App from the list of the links you will be shown and press on it
  • 5. In the page you will see two banners – one for the Betway Android app and one for the iOS application. Press on the app you want to use according to your mobile device OS, but before that it is good for you to read the instructions for downloading and installation. They are located a bit below on the same page.