Bet9ja Cash Out

Cash out is one of the newest functions Bet9ja offers. It was added to the sport betting category in the end of 2016 year. In the next few lines we will pay some more serious attention on this function by telling you how to take the benefits of it and what exactly it is.

Let’s start with some basic information about this opportunity – cash out is a function thanks to which punters can control the bet that was already made. The option allows you to end up the bet at any single moment or in other words it lets you not wait for the end of the match in order to guarantee your final profit.

bet9ja cash out

The customers choose to close their bet mostly in these three cases:

  • The bet is going to become lost and there are no chances for the match to change its eventual final outcome. Use the function in such a situation to reduce your loss and not to end up with a lost bet with no profit at all.
  • A multiple bet with more matches in the bet slip is placed, but it turned out that some of the matches are successfully guessed. In this case the punter prefers to get the accumulated win up to this particular moment instead of waiting for the rest of the matches that practically can be lost.
  • The bet is ok up to now, but the punter wonders if there will be a change in the game. This is how the punter can actually guarantee his or her profit up to now.

How to cash out in Bet9ja?

All you have to do is to enter your account and open My Bets page. Here is where you will see the Cash out Button for every single bet that is placed and for which the function is available (have in mind that the opportunity to close your bet does not appear in all of the bet types or markets you use in your betting activity). Alongside with the button you will also see the amount of money you can get if you close your bet at this very particular moment. It depends on the current bet odd – the higher the chance for a success in this bet is at this moment, the bigger your profit becomes, too.


It is recommended for you to get aware in advance as to the restrictions of this function:

  • If you place a bet with bonus funds you cannot use this function. As you can learn in the article Bet9ja Bonuses, the bookie provides 100% deposit bonus on all of the new customers.
  • Closed bets cannot be accepted in the deposit bonus turnover restrictions. This is information you can also learn more about in the same article from above.
  • The moment between clicking on the cash out button and the actual officialising of this close is a pause that lasts few seconds. If during this moment some changes appear in the odds or in the cash out amount of money, the cash out option will be suspended. If you agree with the newly appeared amount for a final win, you can click on the button.