NairaStake is an online sports betting exchange from Nigeria that was established back in December, 2009.

What`s the difference between and exchange and a betting website? Exchange websites have bets either FOR (back) or against an event to happen (lay). The traditional sports betting websites offers you only the chance to bet on a Win for Manchester United, for example. But exchange markets give you the possibility to bet on the fact that Manchester United will not win. Thus, in case of a win for the other team or of a draw, your bet that Manchester will not win will be a winning one. While this bet is pending, you can make another – traditional – bet in a sports betting pace by betting on a double chance, but there are bets, where exchanges do not have substitutes. For example, in traditional bookies you cannot with on the fact that Manchester United will NOT get the championship cup.

This is the unique feature any exchange has. They will provide you a completely new experience than the activity in the traditional bookies. And NairaStake is one of the best sports betting exchanges across Nigeria.

Currently, NairaStake markets are not quite well advanced, but the website is advancing fast and you can expect many new offers from here soon. In past, Nigerians could make only football bets, for instance, but now ice hockey bets are also available.

In case you are interested in one of these sports bet types, this website is a great option for you.

NairaStake also provides you one amazing feature that cannot be found in most of today`s Nigerian sports betting websites. You can end your bet even during the game time here. How to do such a thing? Cash out function lets you close your deal to get part of your money in case you are not happy with the result up to now. For example, your team loses with 1:0 and you don`t see a chance for a better performance, you may close the bet and minimize your loss. Vice versa, if your team is winning with 1:0 and you think that the other team has a good chance to make a draw or you are just not up to risks, you can close the bet, too, and get out with a good win, which won`t be that big, but bigger than an eventual loss, because you are not 100% sure in it. The Cash out option seriously reduces the risk in sports betting. You can use it in both markets – Back and Lay.