9jaPredict Nigeria

9jaPredict is a Nigerian bookie that was established in 2010.


This is one of the most modern websites for sports betting in Nigeria. It is characteristic with its fantastic abundance of different bet types and matches you can bet on. Sometimes, you will find more than 40 000 different options for a bet in one day only. Of course, most of these options are for football matches.

The rest available sports at this Nigerian bookie are baseball, basketball, darts, futsal, golf, handball, ice hockey, tennis, rugby and volleyball.

The Nigerian page is one of the most favorite one to Nigerian sports betting lovers. The evidence for this statement is the fact that the bookie`s Facebook fan page has more than 100 000 likes. In this Facebook page you can follow all of the bookie`s latest news.

9jaPredict will take care for you not to lose – even there if any of your forecasts appear to be losing. To make sure you will not get med, when the combo is mistaken by a single game only, the Nigerian page will cash out part or the entire bet amount in correspondence to these requirements:

5-10 matches in a bet slip and 1 or 2 losses – 5% bet cash out
11-15 matches in a bet slip and 1 or 2 losses – 10% bet cash out
16-17 matches in a bet slip and 1 or 2 losses – 20% bet cash out
18-20 matches in a bet slip and 1 loss – 50% bet cash out
21 or more matches in a bet slip and 1 loss – full bet cash out

9jaPredict allows you to make a deposit with a credit or debit card, via bank wire transfer or with Paydirect. If you make a deposit in this Nigerian bookie, you will get a new customer bonus. 9jaPredict has many other promotions and bonuses you will get during your experience on the page. For instance, there is a referral bonus that can get you up to 500 NGN for each next new customer registration after your invitation. This is how you are going to invite your friends to make bets together and get money!

9jaPredict registration is very simple and you can make it even during your morning coffee time. To register, you need to click on the yellow Register button in the main menu of the Nigerian website. Then, fill the following tables:

Date birth
E-mail address
Mobile phone number
User name

Currency (in 9jaPredict you have a great choice of currencies to use during your experience. Besides the main NGN, you can also try EUR, USD, GBP and many others.

Security question and answer (If you forget your password, you will have to answer to the question in order to get your account access back. The questions are kind of this “What`s the first name of your grandmother?”)

Once you fill all of these, you will be an official 9jaPredict member and you will be able to start making money on this Nigerian platform.